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We have seen bars & clubs struggle to promote themselves in the noise of social media. Wingman aims to give businesses a live marketing solution to reach their target market instantly. Wingman plans to initially launch to the student market. Users will easily be able to find the best places, offers & stay safe.

  • Strong relationships with Venues & Universities 

  • Highly Successful MVP 

  • Our research shows our target market is eager to join the platform 

  • Product is in final stage, ready to be launched

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Despite the increase in the student population & accustomed nature in the UK to embrace the nightlife scene, we believe there has been little forethought into the use of technology that this generation relies upon.

Wingman's thorough research has shown a clear gap in an already established £1.5 billion industry. Filling this void, Wingman is approaching the nightlife industry in a unique way with its innovative features.

Wingman will allow venues to set offers for specific time periods. Businesses will be able to turn a quiet night into a busy one by providing an offer, like a free drink. Offers will be redeemed in the app.

Those unfamiliar to a city, like students; will be shown the best night clubs, offers & where to find them. Our intuitive pre-payment solution means users will be able to prepay for club entry at the best price & view the pre-paid guest list, giving a feel for the venue.

Apps like Uber & Just Eat have based their entire business around convenience, Wingman's objective is to make a night out easier and safer for the user whilst more lucrative & efficient for venues.

Keeping people safe is important, that’s why Wingman has developed a safety feature that will allow selected friends to see your location & receive alerts.

Wingman has worked with universities and clubs to create the nightlife app that they have been waiting for. Now you can be a part of it.


Use the arrows in the box above to flick through various promotional videos and marketing content. Don't get left out. tm




Use the arrows in the box above to flick through various promotional videos and marketing content. Don't get left out. tm

The Co-Founders graduated from University within the last five years having both worked in night clubs & bars during their studies. This combination of insight into the student and business perspective of the nightlife industry has shaped the Wingman platform with confidence.

Michael Kelly (Public Relations & Business Operations) - At the forefront of building relationships with venues & universities. Responsibilities also include: pitch deck presentation, road map & budgeting.

Dougy McCrae (Creative & Business Operations) - Initial app design, focusing on the way users will interact with the app & the parameters for the back-end system. Responsibilities also include: student marketing & website design.

Red-C Mobile App Development - User Interface & User Experience design, refinement & technical specification. Providing advice on features, functionality and the technical development of the app from graphical demo to finished product.

Rob Sturgess (Managing Director at Red-C, Adviser) - Rob has over 20 years experience in digital solutions for clients ranging from Centripp & The Share Center . He is In charge of overseeing all aspects of Red C's work.

Rachel Goalby - CEO of SOWN (Digital marketing Adviser) - Rachel has been running her own creative strategy & digital communications agency for almost 5 years.



Please note: these documents are from our 2019 crowdfund. 

Pitch Deck 

Business Plan

Safety Patent

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